Beyonce Flaunts Her Thigh Gap

Beyonce thigh gap

The creature known only as “Beyonce” flaunts her thigh gap and meaty lady lips in a tight one-piece “I Got 99 Problems But My Ass Ain’t One” swimsuit.

As you can see in the photos above and below, Beyonce appears to have a sturdy core and enormous powerful hindquarters that could easily pull a plow through even the toughest of terrain. Certainly any of us Muslim men would be proud to have this fine piece of farming equipment in our barns.

Beyonce thigh gap

Yes Beyonce’s swimsuit certainly speaks the truth in these photos, as she does have many problems but her ass and thigh gap are definitely not amongst them. Unfortunately one of her 99 problems is the fact that she fancies herself something of a singer, but her voice sounds like a baboon screeching while getting banged in its big red ass. Thankfully this problem is nothing a sharpened scimitar can not fix, as us Muslims have no use for Beyonce’s tongue.

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