Amy Adams

Amy Adams Soliciting In Bikini Top No Bottoms

Amy Adams bikini

Actress Amy Adams was caught trying to make a few extra bucks on the beach in Malibu yesterday prostituting herself to potential “Johns” wearing nothing but a bikini top.

As you can see in the video below Amy Adams is negotiating prices with a would-be client while just barely concealing her lady parts. Once a price is agreed upon Amy Adams will remove her hands and lay back on the beach ready to make that money.

Amy Adams bikini

Sadly this is standard operating procedure for most actresses in Hollywood these days. If they aren’t shooting a movie they are out working the streets, selling sex for cash and drugs.

Why just the other day I was approached by a woman, who I’m pretty sure was Geena Davis, who offered to blow me behind a Del Taco for 6 bucks. I told her I loved her in “A League Of Their Own” and I’d give her 3 dollars. A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell, but lets just say her performance that day was good but not Oscar worthy.

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