Al Sharpton, Danny Glover call for boycott of Niger

The Reverend Al Sharpton called for a boycott of Niger

Obama wows children, grandchildren of Nazis

Berlin ( – More than 200,000 descendants of the Third

Kim Kardashian accused of setting baby raccoon on fire

A Los Angles County Judge ordered Kim Kardashian held in

How to Get To Hell; By Chris Penn’s Ghost

Hi, I’m Chris Penn’s Ghost! I’ll see you in Hell

Steve “The Goot” Guttenberg is awesome…

Police Academy star Steve Guttenberg is back, and he’s funnier

Exclusive Interview With Joe Piscopo

We caught up with Joe Piscopo on the set of

Exclusive: Is Yogi Berra Madonna’s New Bat Boy?

Our sources are claiming that Madonna’s seven-year marriage to Guy

What Celebrity Dick Tastes Like!

It’s Gay Pride Week, or at least that’s what my

Lindsay Lohan Addicted to Stank Puss

According to friends close to the “actress”, Lindsay Lohan has

RIP Tim Russert

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Sharon Stone and Hulk Hogan’s Karma Convo

Hey Hulk how are you doing hun? Not so good

What Celebrity Pussies Taste Like

After many hours of grueling research in our lab we

Joe Simpson: Anal Pusher

After selling the photo rights to his daughter Ashlee’s unborn

HIV contracts Amy Winehouse

**World Exclusive** **Must Credit** Celeb Jihad can now confirm

Rob Lowe in Hot Water Again

LOS ANGELES – Actor Rob Lowe is in trouble again

Police Discover ‘Full House of Horrors’

**World Exclusive** **Must Credit** San Francisco, CA – Danny

Gary Coleman is a Stuck-Up Piece of Shit

Here is a hot tip from Joey Del Vecchio Hoboken,

Fox In Talks With John Mark Karr For New Show

We’re hearing that Fox executives are close to finalizing a

George “Stink Balls” Clooney

According to a source close to the situation, Hollywood stud

Don Swayze’s Courageous Vow

NORTH HOLLYWOOD – International heartthrob Don Swayze held a press