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Palin’s promiscuous and pornographic past poses peril for presidential polls.

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West Hollywood, CA – With the Democratic National Convention well

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Universal Pictures announced this week that they have started filming

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Earlier this week People Magazine reported that Latin-pop sensation “Ricky

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Tila Tequila might seem unattainable, but deep down she’s just

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10) Gary Busey’s diet consists almost entirely of bark and

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The latest CelebJihad.com presidential tracking poll shows Illinois Senator Barrack

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Two years after launching his celebrity blog perezrichie.com, local overweight

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Yeah that’s right, Corky has a sex tape. Corky gave

The Adventures of Heath Ledger…in Hell!

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Al Sharpton, Danny Glover call for boycott of Niger

The Reverend Al Sharpton called for a boycott of Niger

Obama wows children, grandchildren of Nazis

Berlin (CelebJihad.com) – More than 200,000 descendants of the Third

Kim Kardashian accused of setting baby raccoon on fire

A Los Angles County Judge ordered Kim Kardashian held in

How to Get To Hell; By Chris Penn’s Ghost

Hi, I’m Chris Penn’s Ghost! I’ll see you in Hell

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Police Academy star Steve Guttenberg is back, and he’s funnier

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It’s Gay Pride Week, or at least that’s what my

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According to friends close to the “actress”, Lindsay Lohan has