Paula Abdul

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American singer/actress/dancer/producer Paula Abdul (57) denies dating Keanu Reeves but admits she’s peed herself on stage ‘accidentally’ as she appears on Watch What Happens Live, 10/09/2019.

Abdul refuted a rumor that she dated Reeves after he starred with her in the “Rush Rush” music video. The singer was asked about it by a caller while appearing on the Bravo TV show.

“Paula, were the rumors true that you were dating Keanu Reeves after he starred in the Rush Rush video. Please say yes,” said the caller. “I wish,” Paula said. Paula did reveal that she accidentally saw Keanu in his underwear. “It was like the funniest thing. I wanted to introduce myself to him, I hadn’t met him yet,” Paula said.

“And I went up to his trailer and the door was slightly open. He had headphones on and he was air guitaring in his underwear. And I said: ‘That’s my boyfriend!’” “But you never dated?” confirmed host Andy Cohen. “No,” Paula replied.

Also on the show Paula admitted to Cohen she had peed herself while on stage – stressing it was ‘accidentally’ and she even confessed to once laughing so much when she was a LA Lakers cheerleader she peed herself then and courtside staff had to come and clean it up off the court. Cohen asked her: “Have you ever peed on stage?” Paul replied: “Yes, by accident. I pee everywhere. But worse than that as a Lakers girl I was laughing so hard during a routine I peed on the floor and the ball boys had to clean it up. I laugh and a I pee, I can’t help it!