Kelly Carlson Plays in the Ocean Like a Whore

Kelly Carlson from the show Nip/Tuck displays a shameful lack

‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ Gives Hope to Untalented Halfwits Worldwide

Proving that in today’s world you need not be funny

Viagra Ad Campaign Aims To Woo Pedophiles

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is launching a $100 million ad campaign

The Adventures of Heath Ledger…in Hell! (Vol. 3)

Heath Ledger and his new friend Caesar Romero discuss the

RIP Jeremy Lusk

Rihanna Contracts Nasty Case of Sass Mouth has just learned the details of what transpired between

An Accurate Pizza Hut Ad

This comes from those lady-boys over at Enjoy.

Please Don’t Watch American Idol

At this historic time, when the nation’s first African-American President

E-Trade Baby Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

Commercial icon and habitual day-trader The E-Trade Baby, 6 months,

Obama Names His Secretary of Defense‏

Barack Obama has named his Secretary of Defense… and he’s

Israel, Hamas announce one-day ceasefire to mourn Jett Travolta

Israel and Hamas have agreed to a one-day ceasefire in

Garner, Affleck name 2nd daughter ‘Staten Island’

**World Exclusive** **Must Credit** First it was Brooklyn Beckham. 

Christopher Hitchens is dreadfully tired of watching you masturbate has confirmed that author/journalist Christopher Hitchens is “dreadfully tired”

Oprah’s Holocaust Hi Jinx

One of Oprah’s favorite books has turned out to be

Robert Pattinson’s New Hair Cut

The following write-up was submitted by one of our pre-teen

Jennifer Hudson Receives Pity Grammy Noms

Jennifer Hudson, still suffering from the murders of her mother,

Celebrities Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and “give thanks” for

The Ashlee Simpson Guide to Newborn Babies

Congratulation to Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz on their new

Abdul Fan Tries to Hang Ends Up Dead

A former contestant on the hit television show American Idol

I have a bone to pick with…Oprah Winfrey

Welcome to the inaugural edition of B. Rock Hussein’s column,